Iyin Landre started writing and making her own films out of a need to tell stories that excited her. Mostly being cast in safer roles as an actress, she quickly realized the only way she was going to play the gritty, hard-hitting roles she gravitated towards, was to write it and shoot it herself.

The idea for "Me + You" was born from the darkness of a failed relationship, whereby she wondered what it meant to love someone so boldly, powerfully and so relentlessly that you compromised yourself.

After finishing the first draft, she decided to go to Brazil and shoot a trailer, as a way to come back and raise the funding. She flew down there alone, having had never been to South America, and with only two email contacts in her pocket. The month she spent there was one that would impact her for a lifetime and be the catalyst that got the project on its feet.





Douglas Rosa was born in the south of Brazil and has been an actor since 2000, in both film and TV. In addition to appearing on popular Globo soap operas, he’s worked with famous Brazilian directors such as Walter Salles, Afonso Poyart, Jose Henrique Fonseca, and has booked over fifty national commercials.

The reason he decided on a career as an actor was because it was one of the only things in life that gave him butterflies, each and every time.